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The Sword

The sword


Card Info
Captured Episode 9
Chapter 9
Transformed Episode 50
Chapter 30

The Sword (剣) is able to cut through almost anything, including magical barriers.



The card gains its strength from the heart of the person who wields it and gives the wielder the skills of a master swordsman. However, Sword can also overwhelm and take control of the person holding it, especially if he or she is non-magical. Sword is so powerful that it is even capable of penetrating through the Shield in Episode 11, thus enabling Sakura to capture Shield. The Sword can even slash through the time and space continuum warps created by the Loop in Episode 21, thus allowing Sakura to seal Loop.

Although Sword has its own form, Sakura is only able to use it by binding its power to the sealing wand, turning it into a sword.

The Sword Card is aligned under the Firey, along with many other cards that have a similarly violent and aggressive nature.


The Sword has two forms: a sword-shaped brooch and a sword.

In both forms, it resembles a European rapier. Its hilt and hand-guard resemble Clow's wing emblem. In its card form, The Sword is restrained by several chains for some unknown reason, like the Shield. However, it is a suggested theory that both are in chains due to them being the only cards to transform into actual weapons instead of calling upon an animated spirit (ex: The Arrow, which calls forth a young girl to shoot arrows, instead of summoning an arrow itself).

Unusually for a sword, Sword finishes in a diamond-shaped tip, rather than a conventional tapered or chiselled tip. As a Sakura Card in the manga, The Sword resembles a European longsword rather than a rapier, the gem at the end of the hilt has a star inside it.



In both the anime (Episode 9) and manga (volume 2), Sword possesses Sakura's friend Rika Sasaki (Rita) and forces her to attack Sakura. In both instances, Sakura is saved by Syaoran and then uses Illusion to distract Rika in order to separate her from Sword. In the English dub, Illusion shows Rika what she feared most at that moment in time, but in the original series, it shows her an image of her true love.

In the second movie, Sakura uses Sword in the beginning of the movie to destroy a gigantic monster created by The Create Card in a battle scene for one of Tomoyo's videos. However, it was soon captured by The Nothing and plays no further part in the movie.

Curiously, Syaoran's Tsurugi Sword is able to deflect several blows from Sword with relative ease. Presumably, its magical nature protects it from damage.


Sword is transformed into a Sakura Card in Episode 50 of the anime/Volume 7 (Chapter 30) of the manga when Syaoran is bound by strange threads. Sakura uses Sword to release Syaoran from his prison. In a later episode, Sakura finds the need to fight with both Sword and Fly, but she was limited in that both cards involved the sealing wand and could not be used together. This prompts Sakura to transform Fly, merging with it, so that the wand is left free to turn into Sword.


  • The gem made in the hilt of the blade is possily due to the odd, red sphere on the star wand that is seen before the main star material.
  • The Sword may also be related to the Divine Swords in the CLAMP manga series X/1999 due to the way they look and that at least one of them was wrapped in Chains.


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