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The Float

The float


Card Info
Captured Episode 15
Transformed Episode 57

The Float (浮), as its name implies, likes to make things float. Float is a mischievous spirit, but it is also quite gentle and was easy for Sakura to seal.

In the anime, Cerberus discovers Float when it starts levitating objects in the room of a little girl who had taken him in, including the girl, Akane, herself. Unfortunately, strong winds causing the Float to be blown away, high up into the air.

As a result, it caused Akane to almost be blown into the upper atmosphere. Cerberus had contacted Sakura previously via a fax machine, and she arrives just in time to seal Float away before it floats Akane above the atmosphere (Episode 15). Akane starts falling as a result, but Sakura uses Wood to cushion her descent.

Float is also used two episodes later, to get to the Erase Card lying at the other side of the cave.[1]

Float's visible form resembles a large vertically striped pink balloon with white wings. In Card form it is white, connected to a small basket with the typical red-jeweled 'Clow wings'.

Float was transformed during Episode 57, when Sakura fell into darkness. She used to stop her fall and return herself to the floor of the elevator. Float is under Windy.


In its card form, Float appears as a small hot-air balloon attached to a winged basket. However, outside of its card form, it appears as a stripy pink and purple balloon with small wings, independent of any strings or basket.



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