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The Earthy

The earthy


Card Info
Captured Episode 45
Transformed Not Specified (Assumed Episode 61

Chapter 36 (manga)

The Earthy (地) is a major elemental card and is the last card that Sakura captures.


Earthy's visible form is a giant serpentine dragon formed of stone. In the manga, it also appears as the woman depicted on the Card. The woman form is briefly shown in the anime while Sakura is sealing the card. It is shown in a close up of the card that she wears a cape and has a small cluster of green crystals on her forehead and her hair is in two swirls. Her bodice is crystalline and many crystals make up her large standing collar. She also has crystal cluster earrings. In the manga, as a Sakura card, she has a star on her chest.

As one of the four elementals and the last card to be captured in both manga and anime, it is perhaps the most powerful of the Clow Cards, except for The Light and The Dark (since they are the strongest among the Clow Cards as mentioned by Cerberus in Episode 69) and The Nothing. However, in accordance with the Chinese balance of five elements, it is vulnerable to Wood.

She is one of the original nineteen cards from the manga, the second element under Cerberus and the gentler counterpart of the The Firey.


Clow Cards arc


Wood ensnarls Earthy, resulting in its capture

The Earthy reveals itself when it begins causing geological chaos during a festival, creating numerous ground fissures and earthquakes. After putting the townspeople to sleep, Sakura captures it using Wood. This capture finally allows Cerberus to regain his true form.[1]

In the manga, volume 6, after capture The Firey, The Earthy reveals herself causing geological chaos. Sakura didn't use The Sleep. In the manga, Kerberos helped Sakura, and she used The Wood to capture the new card. When she wrote her name, Yue appears.

Sakura Cards arc

Earthy's transformation is not shown in the anime, although Sakura's off-screen restoring a hole made by Eriol in Episode 61 is likely to have been done by Earthy. In Volume 9 (Chapter 36) of the manga, Sakura is shown to use Earthy in this scene.

Magic and Abilities

Fortune Telling: All Clow Cards have the ability to help their user predict the future. Their method of fortune-telling is similar to that of tarot cards. The interpretation of the message the Clow Cards relay depends on the magical power of the user.

Earth Magic: The Earthy is capable of considerable property destruction by creating earthquakes and various other geological disturbances. As well as freely manipulating the element of earth.




  • A crystal on Earthy's forehead is plain white as a Clow Card. As a Sakura card the crystal is colored green.
  • An orange crystal was on The Earthy's chest as a Clow Card, but when it becomes a Sakura card, the crystal is removed.


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